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Say it with Your Chest!

I know you all have heard that saying, well let me tweak it. Say it with your shirt!

Look....... a lot of us are not in positions in our working environments to be able to openly speak on certain topics that directly impact us (which is a whole different issue in itself). But I am not one to be silenced, but I do know how to follow rules. But I need my voice heard and heard loudly.

I cannot remain silent on issues that are ultimately killing people who look like me mentally, physically, emotionally, morally, financially, etc with the -lly's. I am in a position where I am in front of some of our most disadvantaged scholars for various reasons (race, religion, socioeconomic status, how disabilities are seen as limiting, etc). For me to remain silent, and again this is all my view and opinion, = death.

I will not be a part of the demise but I will use my voice, all this education my folks paid for, and my heart to be the change for the kids I come in contact with and may or may not come in contact with.. We never had the luxury to be silent and I will no longer take the backseat and wait for others to clear the path. My elbow grease will be used to pave these roads for our melanated scholars to have access and confidence to advocate.

Simply put, #blacknificent people we are the change we need and I will be a part of the solution. Get ready.....

Click on the pic to grab your talking piece!!!

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