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Not Just for the Kiddos!

So I am assuming you already read my previous blog.... I'll wait..... cause that's some good stuff that leads us into todays soap box declaration.

Alright, Alright, Alright...... Let's dive into our Empowering Thursday discussion.

The Lying Liar Called Racism: A Love Letter.

Pause... Stop.. Think about it.... Did y'all read that title tho... Whew Honey Chile..... let that sit and marinate with your spirit.

OK OK .. So let me take the books lead.

Points I loved!

  1. The book acknowledged the child and the adult

  2. I was told upfront there were 3 big points to be looking out for

  3. Racism was broken down into concrete imagery

  4. Connections across the story

  5. Building self-esteem

  6. Ancestors were discussed


This book isn't just for kids. This was the most simplistic way I have found to explain Racism so that anyone can explain it without feeling attacked or misguided. I am a mountain. I come from mountains. I am not spaghetti.

Now you may or may not know how I love a good resource, but hear me out. At the end of the book it gives questions to ask and other reading material to help further the discussion and knowledge foundation.

I won't be giving away anymore of this amazing book by Giselle Fuerte, an AfroLatinx immigrant. Click the first picture to get your copy!

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