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Get ya Face Right!

Did someone say " Winning Monday"??? Let me help you catch this WIN!!!!

Let me tell you right now that I love the woman behind this company. Reveal Your Beauty, is all about finding and loving yourself. Well at least that is how I have always interpreted this companies name. Jasmine, the owner, has been a a true friend in a season of my life when I needed the honesty, the reality, and the challenge. She inspired me to find who I am and love her. During this process I fell in love with her natural products. Honey my skin and hair flourish because of the love she puts into all of her products.

Now let's get into this face scrub.. Whew chile.... my face feels uber clean after using this. It also doesn't feel dried out after it is washed. I feel like I have new skin every time I wash with this bar. Oh did I mention it comes in different shapes. My favorite is the butterfly.

Tis' the season to send some love and some pampering. Click the picture and get yourself some handmade love or send some all natural love to a loved one.

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