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Flipping into new EXPERIENCES!

So at the big ole age of 32, our owner learned that she actually likes fried HARD eggs! So for as long as she can remember the only way her eggs were eaten were scrambled hard with cheese or a meat omelet! Well her good friend offered to make breakfast and she assumed the eggs that would be put on her bacon, egg, and cheese bagel would be scrambled. Well to her dismay, it came in the form of a hard fried egg. Because of her trust and love for her bestie she thanked her and took the leap of faith and bit into the bagel sandwich. Well honey Chile, let me just tell you that that sandwich touched her inner stomach soul. She loved it so much she took another leap of faith and tried a sausage, egg, and cheese croissant from Dunkin' Donuts and she gobbled that thing down. So this weeks lesson is simple....

Take that leap, jump, crawl, step.. whatever it is take it. Even if you fail you learn. Had she not liked the fried egg, our owner would have learned that her belief of disliking fried eggs was true. But don't miss the fact that instead of an assumption she now would have a fact based truth in her life. But she jumped and now learned that the belief was in fact a lie and that although she was afraid to take that leap she gained more than if she had just stayed in her box.

Because of her trust and love she had in her friend she was able to take that leap of faith and find a new experience. Another lesson you can take away from this is that when you leap it does not have to be alone. You have loved ones and people you trust that you can have help you with your battles. Many times we think we have to move the mountain on our own and get frustrated when the mountain doesn't move. But the minute we reach out for the ones in our life we trust and love to offer us their hand, we find that that mountain begins to move.

In the #OHmazing words of #mytalkshowhost, Ohavia, Lead with Love!!!

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