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Be Ye Ever Always a Learner

So we all would be remised if we didn't educate ourselves before speaking on topics that we only have opinions on. Opinions, facts, and experiences are not the same. As we continue on the journey of ending systemic Racism, we need to make sure our youth are being afforded the opportunities to engage in dialogue starting at an early age. And let's all be honest with ourselves... Racism never went away it and no solution was found. What had happened was.... someone decided that it was in the best interest to just pacify the situation. Racism went into hiding in the deep rural south, our criminal justice system, as well as in our public and private educational system .... if you needed some evidence. That was until here recently when the flame was reignited and someone yanked that pacifier right out the that grown toddler's mouth. And boy was that flame ever so deliberately flamed.

But I digress. Let me stay on topic y'all. My whole point was that we cannot speak from a place of ignorance nor arrogance. Our Melanated babies lives, our loved ones lives, and our own lives are literally on the line. We must not shield but educate. We must not dilute but pollute the atmosphere with facts and evidence. I am all for people making their own opinions but lets make sure facts with evidence are the foundation. Now the question that should come to mind should be, "Nia, how am I supposed to talk to my 4 year old about that word?". First of all, what we not about to do is sugar coat not nary one thing. WE WILL AT ALL TIMES STATE THE TERM RACISM. We are out here dying and y'all afraid to use a word you can look up in Webster's dictionary. By allowing the term to not be stated you give more power to it. The Hermoine Granger said it beautifully "Fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself". We have fought and survived.... we aint out here giving undue power to a system that was never meant for us.

Let me get this tangent back on the graph. You asked me simply for some direction and resources. I got you fam. Well here is my first resource for you. Go click that picture at the beginning of this blog and let my #blackgirlcrush learn you something. Y'all... Dr. Griffin is the #truth!! This Unapologetically Melanated Queen has insight for days. Y'all go on google her. She got knowledge for days. She let's the data help make her points. For example "Babies have the ability to recognize racial differences from as early as 3 months". Cause you need more examples "Research has also shown that preschool- and elementary- aged children can show biases for or against different race groups" (both quotes came from her article and if you click it you will be politely lead to the the research). And as a previous inclusion Pre-K teacher, I have had many a conversation with a 4 year old about feelings towards their classmate to get to the bottom of things. My room was a safe zone and trust me my parents understood the rules in Ms. Nia's room as well.

So I will leave you with this... just in case you don't trust my #blackgirlcrush radar.... or you may want to catch a crush as well... Shes' qualified y'all!!

Charity Brown Griffin is an Assistant Professor of Psychological Sciences at Winston-Salem State University, a Nationally Certified School Psychologist and Licensed Psychologist. Her research focuses on understanding race in schools. She is the parent of three children under age 5! You can follow her on Twitter @DrGPsyc.

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